Australian cricket legend Shane Warne launched a tirade about British Airways after he was unsatisfied with the Pommie airline’s level of service.

A furious Warne complained via Twitter about the seating plan, the captain and the crew’s attitude towards passengers.

“I hate British Airways, way to [sic] arrogant and rude towards people!!

“Will not be flying with them again after my return from Vegas,” he said.

“Now on plane grumpy and listening to capt tell me how high we will fly, what direction he’s taking blah blah. Just shut up let us chill.

“They spoke to this young family in front of me like they where criminals, they where travelling first class too, so rude and obnoxious.

“Oh by the way I can smell the guy’s breath to me he is so close, rubbish seat pattern. Hate this airline!!!”

Warne, who was travelling to Las Vegas for the ‘Ante Up for Africa’ poker tournament, was further angered when the aircraft’s air conditioning broke down.

“Now capt apologizing for a/c!!! Seriously this could be one of the worst flying experiences of my life. SHUT UP CAPT!” he wrote.

“Look I’m very lucky to travel first-class, but the way British Airways have spoken to the people and treated everyone is a disgrace.

“Now capt apologizing for no a/c it’s boiling, has not stopped talking!!! SHUT UP.

“This trip sucks,” he tweeted.