A mega rich Sheikh carved his name into a desert in capital letters that are visible from space.

Billionaire Sheikh Hamad Bin Hamdan Al Nahyan paid workmen to dig “HAMAD” into the sand on an island he owns off the United Arab Emirates coast by Abu Dhabi, called Al Futaisi.

Each letter is half a mile high, the name is two miles across and the first half of the word has been made into a waterway, which fills when the Persian Gulf tide comes in. The etching can be seen via Google Earth’s satellites.

The 68-year-old is part of the ruling family of oil-rich Abu Dhabi and is worth £14 billion – second only to the Saudi King. He owns over 200 cars – including seven Mercedes 500 SELs in different colours of the rainbow – which he keeps in a purpose-built pyramid.

The sheikh has also had the world’s largest truck built, which was a replica of the Dodge Power Wagon pickup truck but eight times bigger and with four bedrooms inside.

He has also commissioned a trailer in the shape of the world that was scaled at exactly one millionth of the planet’s size.