We’ve all been there on a Saturday night; you’re out with a few of your mates, you’ve all had a bit too much to drink and you end up going a little too far with one of them and things get a little physical. It happens.

In the USA however, where you’re constitutionally allowed to carry firearms on you, drunken arguments can, ocassionally anyway, get a little too heated.

40-year-old Scott A. Campbell and his 43-year-old friend Java Bowling III (I’m not making that up) were out on the town last weekend, enjoying a few quite Bud Lights and watching the game. According to the Huffington Post it wasn’t until Mr Campbell tried to leave that there was any problem between the two men.

But, needless to say, it escalated really quickly.

Campbell allegedly decided he would drive home, a decision Bowling didn’t approve of, given the copious amounts of booze the two had been swilling. Mr Bowling later told police that he tried to forceably take Campbell’s keys from him, when a fight started. It’s then, according to the Huff that Campbell shot his friend in the chest, before running off.

Fox8.com pick the story up from there, allegeding that bystanders rang the police and helped to give officers a detailed description of Campbell’s appearance and in which direction he had fled the scene.

Officers followed Campbell back to his home, where they found him inside, having hastily buried the weapon with which he’d shot Mr Bowling in the backyard.

While Java Bowling III (seriously, his first name is Java) is expected to make a full recovery from his injuries, Campbell rots in a local prison awaiting charges and a court date.

We all know that you shouldn’t drink and drive, but I never knew you shouldn’t drive and bowl… That was awful, sorry.

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