Some fruity TripAdvisor reporting by a disgruntled couple staying at the Crags Hotel in Callander riled hotel owner Alex Scrivenor to such an extent that he says he’s turned into a Basil Fawlty.

The couple allegedly were unhappy after they couldn’t get the room they wanted and took to TripAdvisor to voice their discontent.

Hotel owner Scrivenor is reported to have apologised for the room change, offered his guests a free bottle of wine and a free night’s stay by way of compensation.

However, he accused the guests of being drunk, using threatening behaviour, causing damage and not paying their room bill before having them removed by the local police.

The response from the man who says of his hotel: “We like to go about things in a relaxed and leisurely fashion…  and if you haven’t stayed in our B&B before then you are in for a pleasant surprise…” concluded “you have ruined me! You have set my therapy back some six months … You have stripped me of my greatest strength – my compassion. I will be forever, a ‘Basil’.”

The sometimes-controversial TripAdvisor site offers mixed opinions about the hotel, including a page reviewing the hotel titled “The worst hotel in the UK”. At the time of writing it carried 126 reviews ranging from 56 rating it as “excellent” to 10 blackening it as “terrible”.

Image credit: BBC/YouTube