The scene There’s ample room to enjoy the sunshine on tables outside or to lounge on the comfortable  sofas that line the exposed brick walls inside. Concert artwork advertising the likes of The Beastie Boys and The Scissor Sisters adds hip decoration, as do photos of icons of cool (look for Jim Morrison defiantly sucking on a cigarette).

The industrial feel is continued with steel girders in the bar’s centre and (inoffensive) fluro lighting. Huge windows at the front of the Underdog allow a welcome dose of natural light to enhance the lives of patrons as they enjoy their beverages.

TVs show sport, and Thursday nights welcome the popular Bogan Bingo evening. Be quick – it sells out fast.

The grub Self-described comfort food, taken from the diners of the US, there’s a great selection of burgers, nachos, sandwiches and wraps. Veggie options, too.
Behind the bar Heineken and Underdog on tap, plus a good selection of bottled beer, new-world wine and 21 different cocktails, including six made with specially selected jams. Try the Apple, Spice N’ All Things Nice.

Bill please Pints from £3.50; wine from £4/£15, cocktails from £7.50.

Relaxed and cool, the Underdog will fast become your new hangout.

SW4 7AB 
Tube | Clapham Common

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