Clean and touch up

The first port of call for increasing aesthetic and property value quickly should be a spring clean and a new paint job. A clean home will bring the value of property back up immediately with no significant outlay. Make sure you are thorough in your quest for cleanliness though. Venture outside to prune leaves and do some gardening before heading inside to clean and polish rooms.

Garbage, dirt and bad smells are likely to make an impression on potential buyers when they visit a property even if other aspects of the home are impressive. Finish up by adding a fresh coat of paint to any walls or fixtures and fittings that are looking a little run down. Bright colours can bring new energy and life to a room and make it look more spacious and airy. Neutral colours are also appealing. 

Don’t forget kerb appeal  

The exterior of your property sets the tone so consider increasing kerb appeal with a few strategic additions outside. This could involve installing outdoor wall lights and security lights or simply placing a few new plants by the porch or along the driveway. 

Kerb appeal in real estate basically means keeping on top of maintenance in the immediate vicinity of the home which includes the exterior, front garden and windows and even those of your neighbours. You could offer to cut your next-door neighbour’s lawn for free if it looks like it needs a trim. 

Stage the property

Staging your home could be an option if you want to enhance its aesthetic value and make it more appealing to buyers. If you have been trying to shift your property in a slow market, the act of staging by decluttering and moving around furniture and showing off rooms at their best can increase the chances of a sale. You will want to help buyers see themselves in your home. 

Change fixtures

Installing new, smaller fixtures can add new life to a living space at a low cost. You could add a new doorknob, knocker and bell or install a new light fixture to make a kitchen or dining room look more inviting. Always consider how light and space can enhance the aesthetic properties of living spaces.

Install shutters

Plantation shutters in the UK make for a great addition to any home and they can be installed in almost any room including the lounge where light control and privacy are important, the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or loft. Choose from a range of styles, shapes and sizes to achieve the aesthetic design you desire.

Full height shutters are well suited to large windows and offer universal appeal while cafe style shutters provide a chic European style with the option for lots of natural light while also retaining a degree of privacy. Estate agents will use shutters as a potential selling feature which will boost property value and its perceived elegance.

Bathroom makeover

It’s not as hard as you think to overhaul your bathroom on a budget. To add value to this oft-used area of the home, make sure to install at least one shower as most buyers consider this an essential. Next up, look at replacing the existing sanitary ware if it is discoloured, chipped or stained. A clean white bathroom suite will broaden its appeal and can be purchased and installed for as little as £300. 

You may also want to add an extractor fan if there isn’t an openable window in your bathroom. Extractor fans will get rid of bad air, remove steam and prevent condensation which will keep your bathroom in excellent shape for longer. Finish your makeover here by adding a mirror or two to create the illusion of space and laying new ceramic tiles or 100% waterproof vinyl flooring if required.  

Upgrade appliances

Appliances are often overlooked but they also have an impact on the look and feel of your property. The kitchen is a good place to start so why not match up a new stainless steel microwave and refrigerator. The main objective is to make sure appliances complement decor. One small change might be all that is required.

Change the front door

The front door can really boost the aesthetic appeal of a house and make it more welcoming to visitors and potential buyers. In fact, a study found it is the third most important feature overall. A new lick of paint might be all that is needed or you may prefer to invest in a durable steel door for a smart first impression.