While cities like Prague are usually considered stag havens, and offer plenty of crazy activities to choose from, they’ve also got their downsides.  So, instead of choosing the most popular locations, pick one of these alternatives for your boozy weekend.


Experience Poland’s finest homebrewed vodka in one of the oldest cities in the country. With its medieval architecture giving off Game of Thrones vibes, making it a must-see if you and the lads are fans of the hit TV show. The Main Square is the city’s most famous landmark, with its bars selling booze for as low as £1.50 per pint and £1 per vodka shot. Enjoy the cobbled streets, live music, and local cuisine of Krakow’s Old Town, and you’ll never need to worry about any extra transport costs, with everything you need within walking distance. 


Located in Estonia, Tallinn is a great alternative location for a weekend of beer and partying. Another city founded in the middle ages, Tallinn’s Old Town remains exactly as it was centuries ago, and is recognised as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites. To combine the city’s history with the natural urge to get rowdy on your stag do, why not visit Hell Hunt, Tallinn’s oldest pub. What many don’t know is that Tallinn is also a beach city and, with 2km of beautiful golden coastline, it’s the ideal place for a summer stag do. Make sure to sample their signature drink, Vana Tallinn, a sweet liqueur either mixed with coffee, or drunk straight. 



Bratislava is the capital city of Slovakia, and boasts plenty of venues to experience its fantastic nightlife, particularly its pedestrianised borough, which is packed with bars. This section of Old Town is known as The Bermuda Triangle, thanks to its reputation for overexcited partygoers having a crazy time, and not being seen for days. Bratislava is an eccentric city with a range of underground clubs, nightclub boxing rings, and even a beer palace. For something a little different, why not stay in a hotel on a boat, or visit the UFO Observation Deck for some spectacular views of the city. 


Visit the largest city in Poland, Warsaw, and you’ll be greeted by a mixture of gothic architecture, vibrant culture hotspots and some of the country’s best nightlife. Just a 2-hour flight from the UK, you’ll be faced with some of Poland’s most legendary drinking establishments, including vodka bar Klar and Piw Paw, a bar open for 24 hours a day. The country Poland is famous for its home-brewed vodka, but be careful—Polish spirits contain a far higher alcohol content than the stuff we’re used to in the UK. If vodka isn’t your drink of choice, planning an April stag do means you can attend their legendary beer festival.


Lithuania’s capital city can offer your stag do a weekend of unique nightlife and architectural landmarks, all washed down with pints costing as little as £2.50. Vilnius’s reputation as a tourist city has grown in recent years, thanks to its rich history and culture A flight to Lithuania takes less than 3 hours from the UK, and it’s best to visit during the summer months to avoid the infamous Baltic winters. Experience the city’s local music culture at the summer carnival offering classical and jazz performances, and sample some famous Lithuanian beers, which aren’t available anywhere else in the world. 


Easily accessible by Eurostar for as little as £29 each way, Brussels is known for its chocolate, beer, and waffles. The beautiful Belgian city features a great variety of independent bars, breweries, and jazz clubs where you and the lads can drink the weekend away. While you’re there, pay a visit to one of Brussels top landmarks, the Grand Place, which is registered on UNESCO’s World Heritage list and considered one of the most beautiful places in the world.


The best time to plan a Bucharest stag do is between June and August, allowing you and the lads to enjoy the heat of a Romanian summer. Start your big night out by heading to the main centre,  Strada Lipscani in the Old Town. Cheaper than other European cities, an average pint in Bucharest costs £1.50, and most venues stay open until 4am for you to party through the night. Venture outside of the city in the daytime and head to the castle of Count Dracula, or take to the Transfagarasan Highway to drive on “the world’s best road”.