Has anyone bought the rights to this story yet? Snakes in a Room, the least anticipated sequel to Snakes on a Plane one of the worst film’s ever made. 

A couple who had been evicted from a hotel room in Brantford, Ontario appear to have left 40 pythons in plastic bins behind them. One of the hotel employees came across the snakes and immediately phoned the police. 

The snakes ranged in size from 30 centimetres up to 1.4 meters in length were, according to sbs.com.au in very poor health and have been taken in by the Canadian Society for the Protection of Animals.

It is not yet known where the couple who had been living in the hotel room have gone, or quite why they left all 40 of their snakes behind them when they fled.

It is illegal to own snakes in Ontario and the couple, if found, will likely be charged with breaking local laws regarding the owning of pythons. 

The news comes only two weeks after the tragic deaths of Connor and Noah Barthe, aged six and four respectively, who were strangled in their sleep by an African python who had escaped from an exotic pet menagerie beneath the room where they were sleeping. 

Image: Getty