Paul Franklin, a four-year-old from Aliso Viejo in Orange County came home from a recent family vacation with a rather unique memento: a small sea snail that grew and hatched out of a cut in his knee. 

The Franklin’s had been on a summer camping trip where young Paul had tripped on some rocks near the water’s edge and grazed his knee and in the process appears to have picked up a passenger. 

That’s Alien levels of creepy weirdness… 

Anyway, Paul’s mother Rachael became increasingly worried when the cut on her son’s knee seemed to become increasingly swollen and infected. 

Rachael Franklin is quoted by as saying: “His knee was the size of orange and hot to the touch and he was limping.” It was then that she decided to give the infected area a bit of a squeeze, hoping to a leave some of the swelling. Instead out popped a little, baby sea snail. 

Apparently the little snail looked, at first anyway a bit like a rock. “It was a black thing and I put it on paper-towel and it had whirls and I turned it over and it was a sea-snail and I just like had to laugh,” said Rachael. 

The family have since put the little creature in a fish tank and have named it Turbo. 

If something had treated me body like a host and burst out of it in a pool of blood and puss I wouldn’t keep it around and name it. I’d kill it, and then cry. 

Image: Getty