German locals have been offered a substantial reward for the capture of what is thought to be an exotic pet reptile released into the wild.

“Whoever presents me with the turtle alive will get €1,000 ($AU 1,457)” announced Mayor Andreas Lieb after local fire departments drained the lake in a failed attempt to find the rogue creature. ­­­

‘Lotti’ the snapping turtle severed the Achilles tendon of an unsuspecting eight-year-old boy who was swimming in a Bavarian lake. “Please don’t hurt the turtle. It should be taken to a zoo,” pleaded the young victim.

Authorities remain wary however, warning people not to approach the reptile if they come across it. “It’s enough if the finder shows us where the turtle is,” Leib told German tabloid Bild.  

Locals on the hunt for Lotti have until March of next year to find the snapping turtle. If found after that date, Lotti might well find herself cooking in a soup… or something. 

Image: Getty