Diocletian’s Palace

Built by the Roman emperor Diocletian around 1700 years ago, the Diocletian Palace was constructed using white limestone from the quarries of the island Brac and housed everything from temples to private apartments to baths. Many of the Split’s historical buildings are found within the palace boundaries while around 3000 people live within the palace walls. The sites of Diocletian’s Palace are all over Split therefore opening times and entry varies.


Saint Dominus Cathedral

Climbing the bell tower, one of the city’s finest landmarks, promises an excellent panorama of Split and is a must for visitors with its views of the palace and the ocean. Inside the cathedral there are impressive intricate wooden sculptures of biblical characters while an eerie crypt is located underneath the building.

Saint Dominus Cathedral

Open: 8am-7pm Monday to Saturday, 12.30pm-6.30pm Sundays

Tickets: Cathedral 15KN, Treasury 15KN, Belfry 10KN


The Peristyle

Popular with both wandering and resting tourists, the Peristyle is an open square within Diocletian’s Palace. Surrounded by impressive columns, it is the entrance to the imperial quarters.


Café life

Croatians can’t get enough of café life. Sit back, enjoy a coffee and watch the world go by in one of Split’s many cafes.



One for fans of archaeology, the Roman ruins of Salona were part of an ancient town that was home to 60,000 people in the first century. Ruins include an amphitheatre that once held around 20,000 people. Salona is situated five kilometres from Split and is accessible by the number one bus.

Open: 7am-7pm Monday to Friday, 9am-7pm Saturdays, 9am-1pm Sundays May to October, 9am-3.30pm Monday to Friday, 9am-2pm Saturdays November to April

Closed: Sundays November to April

Tickets: Free

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