One of the perks of working at TNT Towers is that you get to travel a lot, our staff are always off all over the world, digging out adventures to tell our readers about.

And, as a result, we’d like to think we’ve amassed a team of expert travellers, and below is collection of their top backpacking and travel essentials.

So, and without further ado, here are the top 10 best travelling essentials, gadgets and products no backpacker can be without.


You’ve no doubt seen your favourite sportsperson wearing one of these performance-enhancing compression ‘base layers’ on the box, but big travellers have discovered another use for them: If you slip one on just prior to your flight they can do wonders in alleviating post-flight malaise. Some travel journos we spoke to say they always feel ten times better after a long flight if they’ve worn one. We’ve no idea how it works, but it does. | £50


%TNT Magazine% splittttterHEADPHONE SPLITTER

Backpacking can involved some pretty rough and intense journeys, be it train, coach or boat, a person can only tolerate so much I-Spy. Try the Belkin headphone splitters, allowing more than one pair of headphones to listen to your device means you can share your music and movies with a friend, making the voyage that much more bearable. Magazine% ir?t=tnma01 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B0007OC96W | £1.95


Water can be incredibly expensive abroad, and just in case you’re on a budget and the H20 isn’t safe, then try The Travel Tap. A simple bottle that filters any debris, disease and bacteria from the liquid. It uses the same technology as most aid agencies and peacekeeping forces around the world, and has been tested in everything from lakes to horse troughs! |  £38.99

%TNT Magazine% absorberSHAMMY

Don’t be fooled by the fact that these are mostly used to dry cars. They are incredibly absorbent Chamois leather towels, that dry almost instantly, and are so easy to roll up and store. Very popular amongst campers and travellers at the moment so grab yours for this summer. | from £10.49



Travelling can be messy, especially hopping from one train to the next, and running through busy cities with backpack strapped on. Hand sanitizer is a must. All sorts can be contracted through not having clean hands, particularly as a traveller because using the public toilets will become necessity. This 2in1 sanitizer and moisturiser is perfect for keeping hands clean and soft on the road. | £3.29

%TNT Magazine% bum bagBUM BAG

Safety when it comes to your essentials is very important. A money belt or bum bag will lie flat under your clothing, allowing items such as passports and currency to stay hidden away. Perfect if you are on overnight trains when sleep is needed! Magazine% ir?t=tnma01 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B007STK0TW Magazine% ir?t=tnma01 21&l=as2&o=2&a=B004TA5YPS | from £4


%TNT Magazine% mollleNOTEPAD

Backpacking is an incredible experience, and a journal is an ideal way to capture that. You could write a diary of your experience, or perhaps do some sketches when lying at the beach, but they are also perfect for before you leave, writing down contact details and phone numbers for family, friends, and for anyone you meet on route. Moleskine notebooks are durable and just the right size for a trip. | from £8.50

%TNT Magazine% 1v phoneSPARE PHONE

It is pointless to take an expensive and complicated phone abroad. If you need internet, most hostels will have computers for you to use, so invest in a cheap phone that if broken, won’t cause your bank account pain. It is easier as the charge lasts longer and they are far more durable. The Alcatel OT 228 is £5.99, a battery life of four days on a single charge and even has dual sim functionality, making it perfect as a travel back up. | from £15 including topup

%TNT Magazine% l bagLAUNDRY PAPER

Laundry when travelling is expensive, and messy if you pack your own detergent and a leak occurs. These laundry papers are simple, and come in a compact case. They are ideal for washing underwear, socks and smaller items of clothing on the road. | £3.29 for 30 sheets.



Be it your hostel hasn’t provided enough security whilst you’re sleeping, or you won’t be doing any sleeping that night but you don’t want your roomie bursting in on an awkward situation. The Instant Door Lock is just the thing, it is easy to use and adds the extra safety you need. | £4.99