Sir Alex Ferguson has confirmed Wayne Rooney indicated at the end of last season he did not wish to re-sign with Manchester United.

“It was a shock. I couldn’t believe it. Because in earlier discussions, as early as March, he had intimated he wanted to stay . . . We couldn’t quite understand it.

“ I had a meeting with him and he intimated to me, in his own way, he wanted away,” said Ferguson.

Sir Alex said the only thing he asked of an “adamant-to-leave” Rooney was to honour and respect the club’s traditions and behave like a proper professional.

He said Rooney was told there was an offer there if he was prepared to accept it – no money was discussed but it was “difficult to better elsewhere”.

There was no argument “at any time” with Rooney, said Ferguson, and the club would keep the door open for him “simply because he’s such a good player”.

Ferguson said Rooney’s attitude was a mystery because Manchester United had done nothing but help him – in terms of both his private and professional lives.

“We’re as bemused as anyone can be because we can’t quite understand why he’d want to leave from a club [that’s] one of the most successful in Britain.”

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– Jahn Vannisselroy