Nick Hornby is one of this country’s most loved author. His novels include Fever Pitch, about one man’s love for Arsenal, High Fidelity, about one man’s love for pop music, and About A Boy, about one man’s love for pretty much himself. Loads of his books have been adapted for the big screen, including the three just mentioned as well as his more recent A Long Way Down, which starred Aaron Paul and Pierce Brosnan.

The north London native will be talking about his career in general, including his latest novel Funny Girl, a comedy-drama set in the Sixties, in this very special sit down chat and Q-and-A Guardian Live session. To hear his thoughts on everything from women’s roles fifty years ago, to pop culture to celebrity and, perhaps, who he think might win the premier league this year, pop on down and quiz the man himself. A true Brit-born literary great! 

Where: Islington Assembly Hall, Upper Street, N1 2UD
When: Nov 11 / 7pm
Cost: £20
Tube: Essex Road