Norris, now 35, bragged that he would “skin a black c***” and “blow their two arms and legs off”, the Old Bailey heard today.

Norris and Gary Dobson, 36, are accused of being part of a gang of youths who stabbed 18-year-old Lawrence to death in Eltham, south east London, in April 1993.

The film was recorded in December 1994 inside Dobson’s Eltham flat, as part of covert police surveillance material.

In the clip, Norris says: “If I was going to kill myself do you know what I would do? I would go and kill every black c***, every Paki, every copper, every mug that I know.

“I am telling you, I am not talking about people I love and care for I am talking about people I don’t like.

“I am telling you, then I would just go home and go boom straight in my head.”

He then adds: “I would, I would go down Catford and places like that, I am telling you now, with two submachine guns and I am telling you I would take one of them, skin the black c*** alive mate, torture him, set him alight.

“I would blow their two arms and legs off and I say ‘go on you can swim now’. They would be bobbing around like that.”

He also talks about attacking a black man in a park with a screwdriver and bat.

He says: “He was going “leave it out mate” so I went smack and punched the n***er like that.”

Before the film was played, the judge told the jury: “You may well find it shocking. If you do, you must remember that emotion has no part to play in your decision in this trial.”

Jurors were then read an interview with Dobson, who insisted he is not a racist, saying: “I have got nothing against black skin itself.”

In police interviews in 1995, Dobson also said: “Stabbing innocent people is not something that we get off on, it’s not something that we enjoy doing. We ain’t animals.”

Dobson and Norris deny taking part in the gang attack in which Lawrence was killed.