Who says so? The scientific journal called Clinical Anatomy, that’s who.

And it says that it’s about time sexual medicine experts and sexologists spread certainties on the biological basis of the female orgasm to all women, not hypotheses or personal opinions.

We’re quoting here: “The internal/inner clitoris does not exist: the entire clitoris is an external organ …  the vagina has no anatomical relationship with the clitoris.

Let’s take the scientific terms out and be clear here: During vaginal intercourse, the male penis cannot come in contact with the bits that bring on a female orgasm. And, by the way, female ejaculation, premature ejaculation, persistent genital arousal disorder and G-spot amplification are terms without scientific basis, insist the boffins.

They conclude, and again we quote, “orgasm is always possible if the female erectile organs, i.e. the female penis, are effectively stimulated during masturbation, cunnilingus, partner masturbation, or during vaginal/anal intercourse if the clitoris is simply stimulated with a finger”.

So let’s have no more of it.

(The picture by the way is of Sagina, otherwise known as Heath Pearlwort; sorry, it was the closest we could get)