Mata Jr called co-workers to report that he had been held up by a gang of six men, armed with automatic weapons rather than admitting that he had been at Whispers, a strip club in the city of La Feria in Texas.

“We followed a wild goose chase and ended up with no one. We followed a couple of leads that led us nowhere,” La Feria Police Chief Don Garcia said.

“Our main priority was to take care of the citizens of La Feria.”

During the investigation, Garcia noticed several inconsistencies in Mata’s story and called the man back in for a follow up interview where the truth came out.

Mata had lied to police because he didn’t want to return home to his wife and tell her that he had blown his $1000 tax refund on lap dances and beers at the club.

“I started drinking some Bud Lights and I got a couple of lap dances. … I was there until they closed at 2am,” Mata’s confession stated.

Mata was subsequently arrested and charged with filling a false report, it is thought that additional misdemeanor charges could be laid against the 23 year old.