We are coming to the end of what is set to be the coolest summer in Britain for almost 20 years, according to The Met Office.

Provisional figures from June 1 to August 29 reveal that the mean average temperature this summer has been 13.63C (56.53F).

Such low temperatures have not been seen since the summer of 1993, when the mean average was 13.39C (56.1F).

Last summer the average temperature was 14.65C (58.37F) – more than 1C higher.

But it hasn’t all been bad – although the summer has been rainier than last year’s, with 267.7mm of rainfall so far, it has been much drier than 2009, which saw 323mm of rainfall.

A Met Office Spokeswoman said the amount of sunshine we had in August was about three-quarters of "what you would normally expect".

"It has been a changeable summer. We have had some very hot spells such as back in June with temperatures reaching 33C.

"But equally we have seen much cooler and wetter spells."