Gold Coast tourism officials have launched an invesigation following the incident in which a man deliberately antagonises street performer David Mulder by poking and pinching his face, seemingly to try and get a reaction.

The video, filmed in Surfers Paradise and uploaded to YouTube, has been viewed over 4 million times.

Mulder, 50, has apologised for losing his cool with the agitator, who is seen to stick his spit-soaked finger in the perfomer’s ear as a final indignity.

Laura Younger, chair of the Surfer’s Alliance who are responsible for hiring street performance artists said “While I sympathise with the busker, it’s clear both parties didn’t behave as best they could. Harassment and assault are not welcome in Surfers Paradise.”

Mulder’s wife Andrea told her husband, who is now back at work as the grey cowboy, has received “overwhelming” support from the public, but doesn’t condone his actions.

“He’s been hassled before but doesn’t normally come out swinging – it takes a lot to provoke him. It happened in a split second – it was like ‘get out of my space’. He didn’t even think he was going to punch the guy but it just happened.”

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