Bring sun cream — and use it!

Even if you think there isn’t much sun, you will certainly find it’s stronger than you expect at the altitude you’re at.


Same thing — get good quality ones and use them. They are also useful to wear in the morning when you are leaving the garage venue at 8am and are planning to go straight up the mountain with no sleep!

Drink water

You’re dehydrating and if you start to notice you’re getting light-headed or getting headaches, then you’re probably suffering from the first stages of dehydration. Take water with you as it’s expensive up the mountain.


The good news is that the higher above sea-level you are, the less alcohol you need to get drunk! That’s fine as long as you know about it before you go to the pub! Otherwise you could end up in all sorts of trouble! take care and as they say in The States — drink responsibly!


No lectures, just be aware that the law’s pretty much the same in Austria as it is in the UK. Get caught, and you’ll wind up in a prison where you can’t even speak the language and they serve pickled cabbage for breakfast.


There are thieves about in the Alps too and if you don’t take care of your stuff and lock your rooms up properly then they may rip you off. Watch your skis or board while you’re having lunch — try to make sure you can see them. If you have hired equipment stolen, you’ll have to pay for it and claim from your insurance later. If you’re staying at a hotel, they may have a safe where you can leave valuables.

Fancy dress

Don’t forget to pack your fancy dress. Snowbombing is almost as famous for its fancy dress antics as the music.

Each night a fancy dress theme is loosely followed by Snowbombers. It’s announced a few weeks before the event to allow the festival-goers time to collect/make their outfits. Although Snowbombers often seem to bring their own fancy-dress wardrobe that does not necessarily match any of the week’s themes.

Highlights from 2008 include the Super-Heroes in the snow day, which saw everyone from Batman to the Incredible Hulk sliding around the mountain in the sunny conditions. Make sure you get involved with this otherwise you will be the one feeling like a lemon dressed in your smart casual shirt and jeans!

If you hurt yourself

Try and let Snowbombing organisers know as soon as possible if you end up in hospital. They will help with admin stuff and advice, and make sure your friends know where you are.

Missed Breakfasts

For the best cuppa in town, look no further than the Café Taverne (one minute walk down the high street from Hotel Strass).