Well, one swan in particular, that Twitter took to naming Sean, loves the M4. In fact, he loves it so much he took a wander down it this morning, much to the amazement of drivers on their daily commute.

The motorway-loving bird was seen between junctions two and three near Heston during rush hour this morning, and, predictably, traffic came to a standstill soon after.

Even Phillip Schofield got involved, tweeting: ‘If you’re heading out of London on the M4 & wondering why the traffic is bad.. There’s a swan out for a walk!’

Happily, Sean didn’t meet a sticky end, and was rescued by The Highways Agency.

They confirmed that he was picked up about half an hour after being reported, and taken to safety at a nearby animal sanctuary.

Image credit: Wendy Hermon @cygnet_2009 / Twitter