Earlier, forecasters warned that the city would get 10-30 millimetres of rain or worse in the north and west.

“It will probably be quite a dangerous afternoon on the roads, coming back from work,” said Weatherzone meteorologist Rob Sharpe.

Despite the warning downgrade, the rain has been lashing down – about seven millimetres of rain fell in Sydney city between 2.30pm and 5pm EST – and the roads suffered some disruption.

The Ambulance Service of New South Wales gave out warnings this afternoon.

“With heavy rains and wild weather set to hit the Sydney area this afternoon, NSW Ambulance is urging people to take extra care, both on the roads and when outside,” it said.

“Heavy storms will lead to increased calls for help following motor vehicle crashes, and paramedics are today calling on people to slow down and take extra care.”

Before last weekend, much of northern NSW and Queensland had been enduring drought, with some areas recording record-low rainfall over the past six months.

This is the latest bout of freak weather Down Under, where Townsville is experiencing flooding after seeing the biggest downpours in three years. More than 150mm fell in under 24 hours.

Darwin has also experienced its heaviest rainfall in two years – 108mm within a day.

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