The cleaning lady mistook the two pieces of art, one of which was made up of cookies scattered on the floor, for rubbish, and told sanitation workers that it could be disposed of.

The head of the cleaning company, Lorenzo Roca, defended the woman, saying she was just doing her job.

He added that they would use their insurance to pay for the discarded art, which is worth an estimated £8,000.

This isn’t the first time modern art has been ‘rubbished’ – in 2001, a piece by Damien Hirst made up of dirty coffee cups, an ashtray, and empty beer bottles by was binned by cleaners and in 1999, an art gallery visitor thought that Tracy Emin’s notorious My Bed (a messy bed surrounded by fags, pill packets and condoms) had been vandalized, and made up the covers.

Image credit: Thinkstock