Throw Back Thursdays at Floripa
The event happens on the last Thursday of every month and the 30 April will be its biggest show so far. This time a special showcase has been organised for a certain TV programme, so there will be over a dozen performances before the main event occurs. Headlining the evening is Farai and the Forest Dawn; we will also get a great Italian treat with Impromptu. However, one of the acts I suggest you look out for is Tom Craven. This performer has been playing the guitar since the age of 9 and started his own punk and rock band soon after his 11th birthday. By the age of 17 Tom had moved into the acoustic world, writing his own songs and developing his music. He was part of a few different bands before Tom Craven and the Chapter, which is the group he currently performs with when not doing solo gigs. Tom’s songs are an amalgamation of his music journey, weaving life lessons and music styles to create some catchy tunes that will get you dancing in your seats, if not on the dance floor. Although most of the time Tom’s vocals come across as a smooth pop sound, they actually have a great texture and range. He will surprise you when he wants to bring the music in a different direction and take you on a journey. However, don’t take my word for it, pop along and listen for yourself.

Eureka Live
Eureka Live is an open mic night held on the first Wednesday of every month at Trapeze Bar. The layout starts with an open mic and ends with a feature artist performance. On the 6 May the feature artist is Dave Santos (who was in last week’s article and is always great act to see). However there are also some other wonderful regulars who pop along to perform and with any luck will be there to entertain you. You may even see some new talent. Olivier Goder has played at a couple of the open mic nights and has always provided a wonderful performance. He accompanies himself on the guitar and creates great banter with the audience. Singing pop rock, most of his songs are upbeat and fun, which really allows his personality to come through in his performance. Sometimes even his friends will pop up and sing a few songs. Another terrific performer is Leah Marie Puffenberger who comes from Atlanta in the US, but currently lives in London. She has some great original songs and interprets the covers that she does sing, into her own distinctive style.  Leah is extremely comfortable on stage, it does not seem to matter if she is singing to 3 or 100 people, the energy remains the same and she creates a friendly rapport with the audience. If you would like to perform at this night contact FB: Eureka Live to register your interest, otherwise, just pop along for the show.

If you have any queries – or know of any performances, I should look out for – please contact me at