Businessman Hong Shih, 38, claims he agreed to meet his ex-wife, Fu – who wanted to discuss a possible reconciliation – because they had three children together. But things fell apart as he stood in his kitchen making a cup of tea and explaining that he did not want to get back together after years of arguing.

“I was just wearing loose-fitting jogging trousers, and I heard her come up behind me and was shocked when she suddenly pulled down my trousers,” said Hong, quoted in the Daily Mirror. “I turned round and went to pull up my trousers when she leaned forward and, before I even knew what she was doing, sliced off my penis.

“She told me that she didn’t want to see me with somebody else and said: ‘If I can’t have you, nobody will.’ She then told me: ‘You should probably go to the hospital now.'”

The shocked and badly injured man gathered his lopped-off member from the kitchen floor and ran 800m to a nearby hospital in Foshan City, in southern China’s Guangdong Province, while still clutching the severed organ in his hand. Luckily surgeons managed to reattach his sliced appendage in a three-hour operation, and it is hoped it will remain fully functional in all departments.

Fu, 35, reportedly went on the run, but later visited her ex-husband in hospital and told him: “Take care of our three kids. I’m going to turn myself in.”

Earlier this month Moldovan sex pest Florin Ionita, 53, got a shock when a woman he was attempting to assault in a park after a picnic sank his teeth into his todger – leaving him screaming in agony that it was about to fall off. And Turkish pensioner Turgut Oymen, 73, last month cut off his own willy and threw it in a river after his wife of 50 years left him for a toyboy doctor. His cut-off chopper was later recovered and successfully reattached by medics.