Steve Loughnane, 28, England

What do you do for work?
In the past I have done pretty much anything, building, maintenance, anything that pays the bills. Sometimes it’s a case of a few hours here at the hostel for accommodation and things like that. But right now I am into my fifth week of building a new house from scratch, very hard but exciting as it’s my first one on my own. It’s an awesome two storey town house north of the city. 

How’s the pay?
The pay is awesome on it. Well, I think it’s awesome compared to the wages back home. However, the more money you earn, the more you spend on clothes and big nights out. I am now saving for a new liver!

What did you do at home?
Building and plumbing.

How does it compare?
I hated working back home. It was a struggle to get out of bed for eight months a year at 6am in the morning when it’s always raining or freezing. It’s funny though as you come over here, because everyone complains about the weather in Melbourne and Adelaide but it’s just so nice to wake up and not have ice on the car. But people are friendlier and there’s more choice in work here.

What made you come to Australia?
I came here about five years ago to backpack and loved it so I came back. I was only meant to stay here in Adelaide for two weeks but ended up staying a year. I got my second year visa by doing agricultural work for three months.

Favourite place?
For partying and blue skies, Fraser Island. It’s amazing and I made some amazing friends that I still keep in contact with. But the biggest eye opener and the most unique place is Kakadu. It’s just another world over there. Like walking down a track and seeing a crocodile metres away and kangaroos surrounding you, it’s just out of this world. Scary, but amazing.

Advice for other travellers?
A lot of people worry that they need around £6,000 to live and they worry that they won’t be able to get work, but my advice is to not worry because there is just so much work over here. Because people are struggling to get work over in the UK, they think it’s like that everywhere else in the world. Just enjoy it, and travel, don’t get settled in one place either. I find that most travellers come over here for a one year trip but end up staying 10 or 11 months in the one place. 

February 17th, 2012