Good job prospects, decent pay and conditions, rewarding work… All in all, nurses Down Under seem to have it pretty good.

In fact as there’s a shortage of qualified health workers in Australia it’s very much a worker’s market. And while it’s unlikely many nurses go into the profession for the cash, those in Oz on a Working Holiday visa could find themselves suddenly more flashpacker than backpacker.
“Rates of pay vary depending on experience, but on average a nurse working full-time can expect to clear over $1,500 per week,” says JP Nurseforce managing director John Moore.

However, if you’re yet to drag yourself off the beach and into an agency, there’s a few things it’s worth sorting out, sharpish.

Most important is registering. It’s easy to do online, but you need to do it with the Nurses Board of every state or territory you intend to work in. It can cause delays later if you don’t get it sorted straight away.

There are some other things to consider: “Registered nurses now require English tests to get their registration in NSW. I would advise them to do the test back home and bring this with them to Australia. Also vaccinations are a new requirement for NSW public hospitals so they should also bring all their vaccination documentation,” says Christine Lingard from Nursing Agency Australia.

The great thing about working as a nurse in Oz is the flexible nature of the work.

Moore says: “Our nurses typically work hours to suit their travel and social life.”
And finally, if you want to stay in Oz, then nursing is a good way to get sponsorsed. Woop.

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