So you are a caring soul with a passion for helping others? Good job then, because Australia is crying out for people like you.

Whether you are looking for a career in nursing or are wondering about the possibility of becoming a nanny in Australia, a career in the nursing or childcare industry may just be a sweet way to stay a little longer in the sunshine.

However if you have the relevant qualifications there are still plenty of jobs to be found in nursing.

In fact the Australian healthcare industry relies heavily on the work of overseas nurses and the likelihood of gaining sponsorship is very high indeed. You lucky sod.

Kate Pickering of Drake International told us: “Currently there appears to be plenty of work for suitably qualified people. There are many jobs advertised.”

The fact that Australia has an aging population will mean that now more than ever nursing is one sector that is likely to expand in opportunities, even with the current economic climate.

If you choose to take on a nursing career in Australia you will find that you are a highly valued team member and Australian nurses get the recognition and respect that they so rightly deserve.

However before you take the plunge you will need to ensure that you have a valid working visa to undertake this type of work and that you can commit to a fairly lengthy work placement if you want the security of being a staff nurse.

There are more temporary options too. Kate said: “There is also plenty of temp work available for travellers who want something casual.”

There are several different types of nurses who are in demand in the land down under so if you don’t have all your qualifications secured, don’t worry as there is probably still a job out there that is right for you.

There a lots of vacancies available for registered nurses, enrolled nurses, nursing assistants, registered midwives and support workers for disabled patients.

All these jobs require some level of experience and most want a commitment of at least six months.

Nurses in Australia can expect to earn anything from $24-$34 per hour.

However, the rate of pay depend on the candidates qualifications and experience.