The debate between both types has been raging for years. We will help you make that buying decision once and for all. We will compare them on various parameters which will help you decide which one you should go with.

• Energy efficiency:

In this regard, tankless water heaters indeed score over the storage ones. When you take the example of the best tankless water heater, they can easily save up to 20% power daily. We are taking into account the average daily consumption of a home, which is around 40 gallons.

The reason for the same is that the water heaters without a tank heat the water which flows through them. On the other hand, the storage one heats water in bulk. Even if you fill the tank partially, the heater needs to generate enough heat to ensure that the air inside gets hot enough to let the water attain the desired temperature. In both cases, the amount of electricity needed will be on the higher side.

That is why; when it comes to energy efficiency, tankless water heaters have an edge.

• Cost:

Are you on a budget?

If yes, the storage water heaters will be the right choice for you. They generally cost anywhere between $ 500-$ 800. If you want to go for the best tankless water heaters, they can even cost you up to $ 3000. That is why, if you’re on a strict budget, these might not be for you in spite of the high energy efficiency.

However, when you take a long-term view and look at the costs which they can save you due to the energy efficiency, tankless water heaters are a more affordable option.

• Size:

You need to store the tanks. That is why; the size of the storage water heaters is on the higher side. The higher the capacity of the water tank, the more space the storage water heaters will occupy. In today’s age, when our homes, especially the bathrooms, are becoming more and more compact, it can be cumbersome to install storage water heaters.


On the other hand, the tankless ones heat water during the flow. That is why; the heating capability is not directly proportional to their size. There are many sleek tankless water heaters available with high heating capacity. It means that if you are short on space or are looking for an elegant appliance that can amalgamate into your bathroom, these water heaters are the right choice.

Waiting time:

The modus operandi of a tankless water heater is to get hot water instantly from the faucets and shower. It means that on those chilly mornings when you are getting late for work, storage water heaters can come to your rescue.

The working principle of a storage water heater is entirely different. You need to fill the tank with enough quantity of water first. After that, you have to turn on the water heater and let it heat the water to the desired temperature. Depending on the quantity and the capability of the water heater, it can easily take anywhere between 5 minutes to 20 minutes to do so. It means that when you’re in a hurry, the storage water heater will not help you. It will require you to wait.

In today’s age, when the time is money, you cannot afford to spend those few extra minutes waiting for the water to attain the desired temperature. That is why; the tankless water heater is a better option.

• Lifespan:

When you’re installing a water heater at your home or on any other premises, it is essential to go for one which can last for years together. The storage water heater requires to not only heat the water but also maintain that the desired temperature. That is why; it has a tank with some insulation.

The problem is that if the insulation is not sufficient enough, the storage water heater will be of no use. Over 6 to 7 years, the insulation loses its effectiveness. In that case, you will need to replace the storage water heater.

It means that the upfront money you save will be spent on buying a new water heater with a tank.

On the flip side, when you look at the tankless water heater, it can last for ten years as well. It heats the flowing water, and therefore the need for insulation is pretty minimal. As a result, it does not lose its effectiveness over time.

When you look at the life span, the tankless water heater has an advantage.

When you take into account these parameters, it is not that difficult to understand why tankless water heaters should be your choice. It offers numerous advantages that help it gain an edge over the storage ones. In case, you’re confused between different tankless water heaters; you can go through our best tankless water heaters guide to pick the best one. Once you choose the right tankless water heater, it is easier than ever to get hot water in a jiffy.