Tavira Castle

There’s not much left of this 13th century castle aside from a few wall sections and some stairs but it is still lovely to wander through for its gorgeous green garden and views over the city.


There’s a stack of them in Tavira dating as far back as the 13th century including the Gothic Santa Maria do Castelo and the Santiago, which is located in the old part of the town.


Another thing that Tavira isn’t short of is restaurants. There’s plenty to choose from with a homely feel. Chow down on some seafood and enjoy.


The centre of town is located three kilometres from the beach. Ilha de Tavira is a good place to start for a swim, a sandy beach that is often bustling with people.

Ponte Romana

A quaint Roman bridge that links the town on either side of the river and is constructed with seven arches.

Pousada do Convento da Graça

Pousadas are a group of hotels throughout Portugal that have been built inside historical buildings such as castles. The one in Tavira was a convent built in the 1500s. Not only can you stay there as a guest, but it is possible to dine there and check out the old architecture that has been fused with the modern.