An evening of relentless and preposterous absurdity is thrust upon a bewildered world, as fibbers, leg-pullers, prevaricators and downright liars compete in public for the most treasured trophy in the storytelling world – the legendary Hodja Cup – plus a chance to win one hundred guineas in hard cash, and be heralded the ‘Liar’s Laureate’.

Ben Haggarty will marshal an unruly squad of hopeful Olympic contestants as they lie, or tell a story about lying, in an attempt to impress the audience and a panel of three carefully-selected international master judges, whose decision may or may not be final…

When: Thursday, May 22, from 8pm

Where:  Rich Mix, 35 – 47 Bethnal Green Road, Shoreditch, E1 6LA

Tickets cost £12 (£8 in advance). For more info and to book, click here.