However, in this day and age, it pays to be smart. Money is something which is notoriously hard to come by but easy to spend, so using your smarts is essential for anyone looking to hold on to what they have. If you run through your wages like a bull in a china shop, hide from Council Tax Arrears and credit card statements, it might be time to look into changing things up a little.

The 30 Day Rule

Offsetting pleasure is important for those looking to achieve Godlike status with their personal finances. As such, instantly gratifying habits need to be addressed to do so. Although very simplistic, the 30 Day Rule is an excellent place to start. It works like this: you are considering a big purchase, but you wait 30 days to see if you still want it. If this period passes and you still want to make the purchase, great. If not – which can be more common – you have just saved yourself big time!

Negotiating Rates & Balance Transfers 

Paying extensive interest on credit cards? Up to date with your repayments? The good news is that you may have the leverage to negotiate your interest rates with providers. You have a case to get the rates brought down, so always look into this with credit card providers. Another thing to look into is balance transfers, which, if done right, can save serious money down the line.

Use Price Comparison Tools

From everything to food at a local supermarket to car insurance, and broadband, the chances are they might be cheaper elsewhere. Price comparison tools may confirm your suspicions that you are paying over the odds. Use them. Often.

Be Smart When You Buy

Do you have any idea just how much money can be saved when being smart when you make purchases? For example, Christmas decorations are notoriously cheap a few days after Christmas day. Mother’s Day cards and gifts are all slashed the day after the big event, which means that it makes sense to do you shopping for next year’s events in the immediate aftermath of this year’s. 

Buy in Bulk When Possible

This is among the best tips I was given by my grandfather when I was younger. Buying in bulk will save you massively in the long run, given the fact that you are sure to pay less for taking more. Over time, the benefits of cash and carries outweigh the convenience of driving to the local supermarket. Simple things such as buying washing up liquid, potatoes, bread, or meat in bulk can save you thousands every year.

Keep Finding New Ways to Save

Incorporate as many tips as you can into your strategy for saving. You would be surprised at just how much a few minor changes could make to your life.