We all are hunters. Very attentive, patient, and cunning. And who or what is our victim? Well, it`s less of a victim, more of a goal which we`re eager to achieve on a daily basis. And it often runs away without even saying goodbye. 

All writers are trying to hunt down inspiration. Whether you`re an artist, a songwriter, or a student who is stuck on an essay, we all want the same thing. So, welcome to the club of people who are constantly on the edge to use their main weapon – creativity and intellectual power.

We will do everything that it`s humanly possible and impossible to help you out if you`re in some kind of the writer`s crisis at the moment. We should probably start with students. 

Guys, your problem isn`t that complicated at all. If your inspiration got lost somewhere, you can just find a reputable website where you can buy essay online and get your excellent grades. See? There is no problem now. You didn`t think these will be all suggestions we have for you, did you? 

We`ve found a bunch of incredibly creative and cool stuff that every writer can buy online to get a huge flow of inspiration. Because we all know for sure how surroundings and atmosphere can boost our creativity.

An Artsy Installation

No, no, it`s not artistic, it`s “artsy”, and it does have a bit demeaning vibe in it. That`s what we`re aimed at! You need an art object that will be weird (perhaps even a bit creepy if you`re into that things), whimsy, and super creative. In fact, it has to be so creative that most people who will come to your apartment would be lost trying to figure out what kind of sick fantasy the author of this installation has. 

We`re super serious right now. You`re probably waiting for a logical explanation why you would need such thing at your home.

Psychologists claim that people who are engaged in creative professions are getting emotionally and mentally exhausted much faster than those who work with numbers or data, for example. It`s because your brain is using all its power, fuel, and energy in order to come up with ideas that nobody has ever thought before of. Any change in the surroundings is a must if you want to keep your creative juices flowing. A slight yet weird change in the interior design will work like a doping for the originative mind of yours. 

You don’t have to own such a thing to be named a truly great writer like JK. But hey, no one will blame you if you do!

An Anti-Stress Coloring Book

This suggestion is timely because we`ve just told you about all those struggles that your creative mind is going through. Writers tend to be more sensitive, eccentric, and emotional human beings, so they need to pay close attention to their mental health. Anti-stress coloring books are proved to be rather helpful not only for dealing with pressures of daily routine, but they also serve as a source of fresh thoughts and original ideas. 

It`s all because our creativity largely depends on what our eyes see. They work together with a brain as a visualization tool. The more complex image we see, the more neural connections our CNS creates, therefore, the better we become at performing intellectual and creative tasks. You can`t say that anti-stress coloring books aren`t complex enough.

Awesome Socks and Crazy Pajamas

There is a chance that daily lifestyle won`t allow you to wear some multicolored socks with some funny print on them. But who says that you can`t go wild with the clothes for your feet when you`re at home? You may be underestimating the influence of socks on your creativity, but they do, in fact, work as an additional inspiration factor. Whom can you choose as your socks style icon? Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is a great example. He has a very impressive collection of cool socks.

Pajamas are just a vitally essential item in your kit of a creative writer. Does it often happen that you write in bed? If the answer is no, that`s probably because your pajamas aren`t crazy enough. Who says that a grown-up can`t wear a night gear with dinosaurs or kittens all over it? Psychology teaches us that it`s important to keep an official formal style at work, but when you come home, you need to feel absolutely free. So, go ahead and buy those socks with unicorns online.

There Can`t Be Too Many Pillows

We`ve already mentioned various stylish makeovers that your home can go through in order to help its owner to get back on a creative saddle. Pillows are those interior design elements that make the whole house look comfortable and cozy. It creates that intimate atmosphere and gives unique vibe that represent the whole conception of your home.

Multicolored pillows are the best option if you want to finally hunt down inspiration. Bright colors have a strong positive impact on our cognitive functions and overall emotional state. What is more, it`s been proven that people who are constantly surrounded by dark, greyish colors are more likely to get depressed than those who live in the colorful world. So, I guess it`s time to change your pillowcases!

Cups with Inspirational Quotes

Does it sound too cheesy for you? Have you ever tried sipping your morning coffee from a mug that says: “Pardon my Swag” or “Might Be Vodka”? How can you be grumpy and negative after this? The mood that will stay with us through the whole day largely depends on the emotional quality of our morning. 

We all have that one special mug that we get attached to for no apparent reason. What if that cup that you use every single morning will leave you a very inspirational or at least funny message every time? It will definitely make you more productive. Isn`t that what all writers truly desire?