Geeky inventor Tom Pellereau said he was “shocked” to win the Apprentice last night.

Despite Pellereau being on the losing side a record eight times during the series, Lord Sugar said he followed his "gut feeling" to choose the 32-year-old entrepreneur as his business partner.

Last night, about 10 million people tuned in to The Apprentice as Pellereau beat off stiff competition from Helen Milligan, Susan Ma Jim Eastwood.

Lord Sugar (pictured) told him: "You've got the experience in making, inventing and selling stuff. My decision is … Tom, you're going to become my business partner."

Londoner Pellereau said he was shocked at beating Helen, who made the final two with him after Ma and Eastwood were eliminated.: "I was shocked and almost thought Lord Sugar would change his mind.” He said

"One of the reasons I've done well is because I have lost a lot, and people like losers.

"In previous years, I wouldn't have won at all. Helen only lost once and that is a record.

"How did I win? The reality is although I was on the losing side a lot, I knew what the winning strategy was but I didn't quite voice it correctly.

"But Lord Sugar has taken a bit of a punt on me and now it is time to shine.

"I think this result shows that nice guys come first."

Pellereau will now get £250,000 investment for his plans to develop an office hair which prevents back pain.

He said: "I just can't wait to get started. I've got a huge number of ideas, of which the chair was one. Lord Sugar and I will take a break and look through all the products and we'll really spend some time to devise the business plan. I'm very much going to listen to him."

"I've got a lot of other ideas that I've also presented which may well be coming through. So it's a question of watch this space – but there will definitely be some very exciting products coming shortly."