Assistance In Exercises

However, not everyone of us was born a yoga guru with a considerable expertise, a preparedness for relaxation in an uncomfortable position, and an amazingly flexible body. For those less fortunate, there are some indispensable tools that can help us excel at all asanas. A simple Google search would find a countless list of the best yoga blocks, colourful mats, stretch straps, gloves, wedges, wheels, and many other accessories. 

If you are a beginner who is just delving into this practice, you will need only a set of basic (and, therefore, the greatest) assistance props. By buying only the most essential things, you can save some money, find out whether yoga is for you, and if you want to dig deeper into this lifestyle.

The Most Useful Yoga Tool

So, if you wish to possess the ability to control your body – strain or relax the place you need, and hold it for a specific time, – blocks would be of great help to you. These are usually used by newbies, children, injured people, and pregnant women, as well as those who are professionally engaged in yoga, and are consciously developing every part of their body.

Functions of Blocks

In yoga, the main thing is not flexibility, but the correct technique of performing asanas and the right way to relax the body. A yoga block will help you

●       maintain the right position,      

●       relax,  

●       simplify or complicate the exercise,

●       reduce the risk of injury.

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How To Choose A Block

The block that would fit you generally depends on your needs and budget. You have to carefully consider the asanas you would wish to use your block for.

1 – Foam blocks are very light, but, unfortunately, they will not serve you for a long time: if used intensely, they will have fingerprints and might be slightly deformed. However, they have decent prices and are perfect travel companions for those who are constantly on the move.         

2 – Wooden blocks are a great choice: they are very smooth, easy to hold (but nonetheless steady), and can be used over a long period of time.         

3 – Cork blocks are also long-lasting, but if compared to wooden ones, they     are much lighter.

4 – Bamboo blocks serve for a very long time, are steady, but quite expensive.

So, turn wishful thinking into reality – make the first step to a much more fulfilling life. There is no need to buy every recommended yoga tool and accessory, the basic blocks would do at the beginning. Start small and focus on your own needs, both physical and spiritual.