Starring: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifianakis, Justin Bartha

In a posh Vegas hotel three mates come to, having just experienced the greatest bucks party of all time.

The problem is, they can’t remember a damn thing.

Why is there a tiger in the bathroom, and a baby in the closet? And what has happened to the groom-to-be?

As Phil (Cooper), Alan (Galifianakis) and Stu (Helms) search for their friend Doug (Bartha) while trying to piece together what happened the night before, the comedy set-pieces just keep coming in a film that breathes new life into the bromantic comedy genre.

From a weird encounter with Mike Tyson, to tackling a naked mob boss who has been locked in the boot of a car, The Hangover takes you on a hysterically funny trip through Sin City.

While director Todd Phillips sets a cracking pace, it’s the likeability of the leads that makes this such a blast, with Galifianakis in blinding form.

Ironically for a film about amnesia, The Hangover is one of the most memorable comedies of the year so far.

Good for: Anyone who’s ever woken up with the hangover from hell.