Where’s the best place to eat in Tbilisi?

Pur-pur. It’s only round the corner from the hostel, on a lovely little square.

The food is great and the interior décor is really cool. It’s a bit more expensive than many places, but you can go any time of day and stay there for hours.

Where do you go to chill out?

There are a couple of places, actually. The Botanical Gardens are really lovely, with a waterfall and lush vegetation.

Not too many people go there, so you can generally find a quiet spot without much difficulty.

I also love the Open-Air Museum of Ethnography, which is huge and has old traditional Georgian houses built all over it. It’s like being in a really peaceful, beautiful village.

What’s your top tip for visitors to Tbilisi?

Try to get yourself invited along to a ‘supra’. This is a big dinner party with a toastmaster and can go on for hours and hours.

There is so much food, it never all gets eaten, but the atmosphere is wonderful.

The guest reigns supreme in Georgia and it’s the host’s pleasure to provide him with whatever he desires.

You won’t be able to move by the time it’s finished!

What do you miss when you’re away from Georgia?

The driving! Georgians are crazy on the road, they love to drive fast, and I am no exception.

I love the speed we drive. Nowhere else drives like us.