The Haddad family were shocked to find a curious puma wandering through their kitchen and tearing up their furniture as they came downstairs for breakfast.

Amalin Haddad spotted the big cat and screamed so loudly that her son came running.

Ms Amalin explained: “I was making breakfast […] I thought it was a dog because I saw its legs first, but it was a puma. Like those you see in the zoo.”

The puma didn’t hurt anyone, or even attack their dog, but it destroyed the furniture and was sedated by experts who came to take care of the beast.

Police said the puma was most likely either an escaped pet or had been released back in to the wild, due to the fact that it looked well cared for.

The puma was taken to the national zoo where it was treated for a few minor injuries. Officials have not yet said where it will go once it has recovered.

Image credit: Thinkstock