The investigation was set up to see how secure our property is when we hand it all over at airport security. ABC News set up their own experiment where they put money and iPads in luggage and took valuable items through security checkpoints.

At 9 out of the 10 checkpoints where ABC News left behind an iPad, the TSA staff called back the ‘undercover passenger’ to collect their item. Yet, in Orlando airport the iPad disappeared. It was last seen being handled by TSA staff Andy Ramirez.

After being told the iPad had been lost at the airport, ABC News tracked their item to Andy Ramirez’s home. When approached by ABC News reporters at his home, the TSA officer denied knowing anything about it. The new channel had another trick up their sleeves. They remotely set of a loud alarm on the device, which was heard from outside his house. Ramirez then went onto blame his wife for the theft.

Following the report, Ramirez was sacked from his post at TSA.

Previously 381 officers have been fired from TSA, for stealing from passengers.