We did just stop and wonder why the people at an augustly boring organ like the International Business Times decided to offer its top five tips on “backpacking properly”.

What, we wondered, does the bowler and brolly brigade know?

It starts off by saying, ‘Many backpackers, especially amateur ones, [there are professionals?] make a few basic mistakes that can hinder the trip or even cause physical discomfort. Here are some tips on how to backpack properly.’

You can judge for yourself  (the comments are, by the way, ours).

1. Packing too much

We know that mate; we have to lug it about.

2. Squeezing in too many destinations.

We should be so lucky on our budget (mind you, if you’d tell us how we could become professionals…)

3. Failing to forecast

You seem to be saying we get lost a lot and it’s usually pissing with rain. Fair enough.

4. Bringing too many gadgets

You recommend a torch, mobile phone and a portable GPS system. We say when did you last update your smartphone?

5. Leaving their credit cards

No, we never leave our credit cards behind. Unless they’re full up.

Thanks for that, International Business Times people.