Once seen as being a game for old people, the bingo industries new online reach has opened it up to a whole new demographic. This in turn has started a high-street revival and the game is again in full swing, these aren’t your usual dusty old halls, these are fun and quirky club nights and has forced a change online as well, with the best bingo websites now changing their games to fit the new demand for revived bingo.

If you are thinking of arranging a bingo night out with friends and you’re in London, check out some of the below nights in the city.:

1. Moth Club Bingo

One of the best places for a bingo night out is the Moth Club in Hackney. The club holds a variety of themed nights as well as playing host to some of the biggest music and comedy acts in the world. Moth Club Bingo nights are held each Thursday and are just one of the quality events are a great choice for a memorable night out.

2. The Breakfast Club Restaurants Boozy Bingo

Enjoy more of a boozy nightout? Check out the Breakfast Club Restaurant chain. Dotted around north London a good night is always to be had by all in this boozy version of the popular game. Games begin at 7.30pm, usually on Mondays or Thursdays, at a £5 fee that includes three games and free shots.

3. Bogan Bingo

If your love or nostalgia for Bingo extends to 80s and 90 pop culture then this is one of London’s best Bingo nights out. Held every Thursday night at the Slug at Fulham, Bogan Bingo features a crazy night of madcap energy that heavily involves the audience and is hosted by a lively duo of callers in massive mullet hairstyles.

4. Gala Bingo Tooting

The Bingo hall craze is not only limited to hip new providers however, with the traditional heavyweights also looking to cash in on the action. The highlight of those has to be the Gala Bingo hall in Tooting. Spend an enjoyable bingo night out with friends surrounded by breathtaking gothic architecture, a vibrant and lively atmosphere, and the assurance of any winnings being guaranteed by an established provider.

You could be looking for a quirky and different night out or a memorable evening of bingo in London, – the four destinations above show that there is something for everyone in the city. Between them they represent the list of some of London’s best bingo nights out and are a good place to start when planning one.