Like any other flights, anyone who loves to travel prefers to travel in comfort and at a price with the most value. Whether it is the economy, business or first class ticket, finding affordable and reliable airfares for Tel Aviv flights without any stops is easy.

Once you arrive there, you can follow these tips from the locals in Tel Aviv:

1.            Sumptuous and Delectable Food

Traditional Israeli food such as falafel, hummus, shwarma, jachnun, shakshooka, tahini, kanafeh are just some of the top local favorites. For those who are picky with food, you can still enjoy other food varieties. Bakeries and cafes are frequently visited by the locals, too. Most of them enjoy reading the newspaper while sitting outside enjoying the sunlight and drinking coffee. Also, visiting the colorful Carmel Food Market is a must-try. Locals purchase fresh fruits and vegetables in this market at a low price and visiting the same place will allow travelers to see and know more about the locals and their dealings.

2.            Famous Beaches

Tel Aviv is located on the Mediterranean coastline of Israel. This is why it is very famous for its beaches. One of the most famous beaches in Tel Aviv is the Gay Beach. It is very lively and easy to find because it is filled with rainbow-colored umbrellas. Others prefer to go to Hilton Beach as it is perfect for watersports and is lined with a wide array of restaurants. Another favorite among locals is the Jerusalem Beach. It is known as the “matkot” beach, a name given after the favorite game of Israeli beach-goers.

3.            Drinks, Music, Bars and Nightlife

Tel Aviv is also known as “The City That Never Sleeps.” The locals love to unwind and party. Some enjoy drinking beer and listening to music while others enjoy going to clubs and bars while dancing to loud techno music. Locals know that “timing” is what makes the party scene perfect. Most locals go out to party at 10 p.m. while others even go out as late as 12 a.m. Most locals would suggest bars in Rothschild, Levontin or Lillenblum area. 

4.            Museum, Arts, and Culture

Israel is known to have a lot of museums, and three of the largest museums are located in Tel Aviv. Some of the most famous museums are Eretz Israel Museum, and the Tel Aviv Museum of Art. Most museums display a collection of archaeology and show the history of Israel with respect to religion, arts, and culture. There are even contemporary art galleries and street art tours.

5.            Transportation

The most common form of public transport in Tel Aviv is the bus. Others use a taxi or light rail, but the municipality encourages the use of bicycles. Riding a bicycle going to the beach and exploring the city will help travelers appreciate the sceneries even more.  

6.            Tel Aviv Tours

Another option to make your travel to Tel Aviv worthwhile is to do a side-trip to other places in Israel. From Tel Aviv, you can make a day trip to the Dead Sea, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Jericho, and many others.

Final Thoughts

Traveling to Tel Aviv is worth it. Given its rich culture and heritage with a mix of its advanced technology and the hip culture, the city will surely give every traveler a good memory they can bring back home.