Camden Beach

Grab your best beach novel, towel and sunglasses and head to Camden Beach. It comes complete with a Tiki bar, Margarita shack, real sand, and lawn chairs – you can practically hear the ocean.

%TNT Magazine% Bar


Tropical cocktails served in coconuts? Piña coladas poured out into a pineapple? Little drink umbrellas? This St Paul’s Tiki bar will make you think you’re on a tropical vacation – and, no, it’s not just the alcohol.

%TNT Magazine% Sugarcane 2

Sugar Cane

Aloha! This Tiki bar in Clapham serves up extensive menus of cocktails, from the classic Piña Colada to the deadly sounding Zombie, in a party atmosphere straight out of the tropics. Grab your hula skirt and head on over!

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