Ever more workers are leaving full time employment for a range of jobs which reflect their interests and values better. These may be permanent or short-term roles. 

This week portfolio-worker and trainer Moray Coulter launched the only online personal management tool for anyone who already has, or would like to have, several complementary jobs at once. The Portfolio-Working Career Calculator, which is free to use, promises to uncover everyone’s unique perfect balance of available time, desired income and happiness in their work. Try it out for yourself here: www.careercalculator.link

Moray Coulter says: “Here’s where you can decide whether you’d be better doing a range of delightful working roles which pay you just enough to get by, or in a part-time awful but lucrative job which frees you up to do something unpaid that you love, or just work out how to get the highest possible income without mortgaging your soul in the process.”