Simon Stephens’ episodic new play flits from Moscow hotel room to London police station via a brothel, Berlin, and Paris and at each point Paul shows what an absolute shit he is – a capricious star who deliberately breaks all the rules and cares for nothing but his own gratification.

Scott (probably best known as a creepy Moriarty in TV’s Sherlock) holds the whole thing together as he callously betrays – and plays – those he comes in contact with, even his best mate.

He’s cold, wilful, always watchable, a spoilt child who won’t grow up, firm in the belief that his money and fame entitle him to everything he wants – until the bubble breaks.

It’s not a one-man show though. Carrie Cracknell’s bold, clinically precise production glitters with surface anonymity and there’s strong support from a multi-tasking cast, especially Daniel Cerqueira as (among other characters) both his manager and the impecunious dad he left behind when stardom beckoned.

Extended until May 31

Where: Royal Court Theatre, 50-51 Sloane Square, London, SW1W 8AS

Tickets cost £10 – £32. To book, click here