Become a travel nurse

If you’re itching to ditch the cubicle life and travel while making a difference, nursing might be the profession for you. As a travel nurse, you jet off from coast to coast, work in various destinations requiring additional medical assistance, meet diverse peoples, and embrace worldwide cultures.

All you need to land a travel nurse position is a degree from an accredited institution and a passing NCLEX score. The NCLEX exams are tests given to nursing students to prove their abilities, and they usually take a couple of years to complete, so be wary of the time frame before jumping head-first into nursing. After you’ve completed the necessary examinations, search for traveling positions via Fusion Marketplace to take the stress out of job hunting and land the perfect gig.

Teach English abroad

If you’re a native English speaker and have a knack for teaching, an foreign language instructor may be the position for you. English teachers are in high demand worldwide, which has led to foreign programs recruiting young English speakers to board and teach in numerous countries. Before handing in your resume, you’ll need to earn a TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language) certificate to verify you have the necessary skills. With your TEFL certificate in hand, you’ll be ready to jet off and enrich the lives of foreign children while traveling the globe. 

Work as a flight attendant

If unlimited travel and excellent company benefits attract you, then an airline job may be the perfect fit. Flight attendants journey across the world in exchange for services, stopping at incredible destinations where they can take a day or two to explore. Between airline discounts, hotel deals, and new landscapes, you’ll be picking up shifts left and right to score a relaxing weekend in Dubai. Although flight attendant training is intense, you’ll experience new cultures and people while earning a 401k, making the benefits worth any added stress.

Run a travel blog

Is your Instagram feed filled with wanderlust-inducing images and travel-inspiration pictures that draw envy from your followers? Then becoming a travel blogger is a no-brainer. By sharing travel tips and recommendations, you can get paid while inspiring others to fill their lives to the fullest. Services like Google Adsense help you monetize your blog by adding revenue and bumping your search result ranking. In addition to ad revenue, businesses can pay to partner with you and post on your platform, boosting a particular product or service.

Study abroad

For education-hungry travelers, study abroad programs are incredible opportunities to explore the world while earning an education. Start by sitting down with your program director and discussing your goals, inquiring about abroad programs. Additionally, you can seek out study abroad scholarships to dodge fees and travel expenses. If you’re looking for study abroad programs outside of traditional university settings, consider independent programs like IES. Although you won’t make money through your study abroad program, the education you get from the trip is definitely worth the expense.

Do seasonal resort work

Instead of visiting a new place and staying for only a few days, imagine an extended stay filled with enhanced experiences and deeper relationships. Websites like CoolWorks connect travel-hungry people with employment at resorts or parks all over the world. Even better, because these facilities use travel-work websites to find employees, your co-workers will be globetrotters and experience-seeking travelers like yourself. Explore the world, make a living, and meet lifelong friends that share your passion for travel.

Wrapping up

Say goodbye to your 9-5 job and jet off for a vacation of a lifetime by taking advantage of unconventional travel ventures. Whether you’re looking to make money alongside your travels or hoping to study abroad and enrich your educational experience, you’ll get the most out of your journey by engaging in out-of-the-box routes and immersing yourself in foreign cultures.