It seems that Britons who purchase holiday homes abroad don’t do so to get away from British cuisine, as a new study from has revealed that three fifths of holiday home owners admit to smuggling British food to their residence abroad.

Of these, baked beans and chocolate were among the most popular items.

1,244 holiday home owners aged 18 and over took part in the study, all of whom owned a holiday home abroad which they visited at least once per year.

They were asked, “Do you ever take British food abroad with you when visiting your holiday home?” to which three fifths, 62%, of respondents said ‘Yes’. Of these, 35% claimed they did so to countries outside of the EU.

The top five foods from the UK that Brits took abroad are baked beans, chocolate, bacon, sweets and condiments such as ketchup.

Worryingly, 12% of people took sausages away with them, and 5% had taken fresh milk. We dread to think what their suitcases smelled like…

Image credit: Thinkstock