Directed by: Robert Cannan, Corinna McFarlane

What do you get when you drop a down-to-earth Aussie rugby coach in a Swedish forest filled with a bunch of tree-hugging hippies? One of the funniest and most uplifting documentaries of the year, as it turns out.

From the moment a dazed and confused Nick shows up at the No Mind festival, Three Miles North Of Molkom throws up one astonishing scene after the other.

Whether it’s shaman steam rooms, group chanting, people convulsing on the ground or fire walking, the forest is buzzing with oddball behaviour. Or, as Nick puts it: “The biggest load of shit I’ve ever seen.”

Of all the festival-goers that filmmakers Robert Cannan and Corinna McFarlane follow around, the Aussie is the star, verbalising what the audience are thinking. But this is more than a fish-out-of-water tale, as everyone in the doco goes on a touching spiritual journey.

It’s a tad too long but the personalities on display in Three Miles North Of Molkom are so entertaining, you’ll be grinning like a hippy at a love-in by the end.

Good for: Experiencing something different.