Tinchy Stryder is the latest to join their ranks, if the Sun is to believed.

While nothing is confirmed yet (there’s still time to get out, Tinchy), a number of sad fame-whores are reportedly already in talks with the show.

These include the girl formerly known as ‘Firecrotch’, Lindsay Lohan; 2011 X Factor waster Frankie Cocozza; and footballer Ryan Giggs‘ sister-in-law Natasha Giggs, a classy bint who Ryan was shagging for about eight years while she was married to his brother.

Other desperados, Loose Women’s Denise Welch and The Only Way is Essex star Kirk Norcross have also been linked with the programme, which returns to pollute TV sets nationwide on January 5.

For the latest series, while the rest of us are doing something useful with our lives, fans of Celebrity Big Brother will be able to tune in to live footage on Channel 5* following the main show on Channel 5.

Producers are hoping a post-eviction live broadcast will feature plenty of what they call ‘action’ – meaning the participants finally letting go of any shred of respectability or self-pride they’ve managed to cling on to during their time in the compound.

A source told the Daily Star that zooming in after one of the deluded contestants just had a shock is the best thing to do.

“In the past we’ve had housemates breaking down in tears if someone they really liked got evicted and we’ve had bitchy bust-ups with people saying the wrong person went out the door,” the ghoul said.

“We’ve also had meltdowns if they heard the crowds outside chanting about them.”

Sounds charming. Pass us the sickbag.

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