However, when the opportunity arose to interview medium Nikki Kitt, we couldn’t resist. Here’s her take on chatting to dead people, surprising people who don’t believe and James Randi’s famous million dollar prize…

When did you first realise you were a medium – and how long have you been offering to help people communicate with their relatives?

I have always seen and been aware of spirits, ever since I was little. I remember as a teen on a number of occasions I would tell my mum that there was a presence around me and in my room and my mum’s response, as the sceptical person that she is, would be “You are weird sometimes” or ” You’re mad”. It was always said in good humour, but I knew what it was and it was just a natural thing for me.

When I was 17 I went to a local spiritualist church where a medium came straight up to me and said “Don’t be afraid of what you see.” I later sat in development circles at the spiritualist church, then would work from their platform giving messages to people who attended the services.

I was voted on to the committee and helped run the local church. However, I always felt that the majority of people who attended the church services were of course spiritualists and firm believers in the afterlife, and I wanted to reach those people who were not, and therefore would probably take more comfort from a medium – proving that their loved ones were still around them. So a few years ago I started doing public shows locally at social venues which have just gone from strength to strength all by word of mouth.

Many mediums are often accused of exploiting peoples’ grief, and taking advantage of their vulnerable nature during a difficult time. How would you respond to this?

I am of course very aware of the stigma associated with psychic mediums. I feel everyone is curious one way or another of what we do and there are very strong feelings about exploitation.

I don’t like to preach or try to convince people of what I can do, I simply say don’t judge what you think I do until you have come and seen my work for yourself. It is all about me proving myself to people – that, I believe, is the point of being a medium.

Yes, of course people who are grieving will take comfort in what I do, but I always feel it is the most sceptical of people who are often the most emotional because they don’t expect it. For me, it is about proving that there is life after death and I have to give evidence – the random specific details I provide prove this.

What percentage of practicing mediums in the UK would you say are frauds, and what’s the difference between them and you?

I have no idea of the percentage of frauds in the UK, all I know is what I do. I am however very aware that there are good mediums and bad mediums; some give very vague answers which will often make you cringe with the ‘information’ they pass on.

The difference with me is that I come from a very sceptical family, and as such I am always out to prove myself.

What’s the best reaction you’ve ever had from someone you’ve been helping – and the worst?

To be honest I have not yet had a bad experience at my shows or readings, however, I did have to ask a gentleman to leave just as I started a show as he was too drunk and was disrupting everyone.

The best reactions? Two men were apparently dragged to one of my shows by their wives and girlfriends, and they sat at the back. I was told afterwards that they were tutting and mumbling (which I was unaware of at the time), but I approached them and I described a young man I had with me.

They were obviously a bit put out, but as I described the young man, and his death, one of the men started sobbing.

During the break their partners came up to me and explained that it was their brother – one of their twins who had hung himself the year before. They couldn’t thank me enough.

I had a disbelieving gentleman attend a show with his wife and a few of their friends; he was a soldier, and I gave him a very strong message from his superior who had passed on with bowel cancer the year before. His reaction was quite theatrical; he put both hands on his head and kept saying, “How do you know this?”

Have you ever communicated with a member of your own family?

Yes, I often communicate with my grandad but as he passed before I was born I always have to check details with my mum.

James Randi has offered anyone who can prove they have paranormal or supernatural powers one million dollars. To this day, nobody has claimed the cash. Why do you think this is?

I have heard of this reward and have often wondered about what the test entails. I am a medium; I am not a fortune teller or claim to have other abilities. Maybe the test involves more than one psychic area, which would make it difficult. It is a very interesting concept.

Finally, what are your feelings on Derek Acorah?

I don’t know Derek Acorah and have never seen him work. What I do know is that some mediums seem to favour showmanship and charisma, and even though I love to laugh and cry with my audience, I know that they are all there for a message from their loved ones and that’s what I have to give them above everything else.

Nikki will be at the Leicester Square Theatre on June 29. To book your tickets, click here.